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Posted on May 5, 2016 by

Cyclist Suffers Injuries After Drag Racers Hit Him in St. Louis

If you live in St. Louis, or in any other major city in the United States, you know that drag racing is something that young people like to do for fun. They’re not concerned that it’s dangerous, and more often than not, it does result in serious accidents. One such accident was recently reported on the KMOV website, and it involved two people who were drag racing in the Ville neighborhood in North St. Louis.

The accident occurred around 10 o’clock at night, and the man who was struck was simply riding his bicycle down the road. One of the drivers hit him, and he was thrown from his bicycle. The two cars sped away without stopping to check on his welfare.

As you can imagine, his injuries were extensive. He suffered from injuries to his legs, arms, neck and back. Prior to this accident, the bicyclist had lost his father to cancer, and he had also been out of work for two weeks. He had thousands of dollars in medical bills, and no way to cover them.

This is the perfect example of why contacting St. Louis personal injury attorneys is so important when you’re in an accident. You have rights, and there are many ways to identify a vehicle, even in a hit and run accident. If you’re a victim in any type of accident, contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys immediately.