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Posted on May 3, 2016 by

One Teenager Dies After Accident in St. Louis

Another fatal automobile accident has claimed a life in North St. Louis, and this time it was the life of a seventeen-year-old girl. According to the article on the Fox2Now website, the accident occurred when the young girl’s car struck a tree. She had four other passengers in the vehicle with her at the time, but she was the only one who lost her life.

An accident reconstruction team is still researching the reasons behind the crash, but it’s believed that she was speeding and lost control of the vehicle. Authorities stated that the area the crash occurred in is known for reckless behavior from young drivers, including jumping hills. All of the occupants of the vehicle were between the ages of fifteen and nineteen years of age.

This is a tragedy that should have never occurred. It’s hard to say whether or not the driver was being reckless, but if she was speeding, that very well could have been the cause. At the time of this accident, it was the second day in a row that an accident reconstruction team was called to the scene of a fatal crash.

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