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Posted on July 13, 2017 by

Dog Bites Can Impact Lives

While most dogs aren’t dangerous and avoid biting humans, recent data points to dog bite rates doubling in the past 15 years. Currently, the rate of dog bite incidents in the United States is approximately 4.5 million annually. According to the most recent research from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, they resulted in 316,200 trips to the emergency room and 9,500 hospitalizations per year. The cost? A massive $18,200 per hospital stay and $54 million in dog bite-related medical attention annually.

Not the Friendly Pet You Were Expecting
Dr. John Peter, emergency department director at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, notes that children are most frequently bitten by dogs belonging to family, friends, and neighbors. They and elderly adults often suffer the most serious attacks. While larger individuals suffer bites to the arms or legs, for children the head and neck make prime targets due to proximity – little ones are often right in the face of a dog.

A Difficult Scenario
Because kids don’t understand the dangers of dogs and proper behaviors, it’s important to stress canine-careful conduct, as well as to seek out essential training techniques for family pets. This can prevent the potentially deadly and long-lasting trauma of dog attacks.

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