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Posted on October 25, 2016 by

Dog Bites Four People, Owner Cited for Violating Leash Laws

When you think of dog bites, you usually think of the breeds that are most likely to bite – dobermans, pit bulls, etc. However, any dog has the capability to strike out at anyone at any time, and there are reasons why St. Louis has such strong leash laws to protect the people who live here.

According to one news article, a husky recently escaped his enclosure and bit four people, including a seventy-five-year-old woman. The article states that this is not the first time that the dog has escaped, and the owner is being cited for violating leash laws. The biting incident occurred on the same street where the dog resides, and animal control was called to the scene. Once they arrived, the dog proceeded to bite a fire fighter and someone from animal control when they were attempting to restrain him.

Although all of the proper legal steps are being taken, the mayor made it clear that he wants the dog to be euthanized.

Similar incidents have taken place in St. Louis, and this could happen to you, or to someone you love. If you’re bitten by a dog, contact your St. Louis dog bite attorney to discuss the incident and learn more about your rights. Dog bites are very serious, and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. A St. Louis dog bite attorney will be able to properly advise you.