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Posted on June 28, 2016 by

Drugs from Medaus are Questioned for Sterility – FDA Requests Recall

When you go to the pharmacy to pick up your medication, you have every right to believe that the drugs you’re receiving are sterile. However, in a recent inspection conducted by the FDA, the Medaus facility was found to be unsanitary, leading to the possibility of contaminated drugs. According to an article on the News – Medical website, the FDA requested Medaus to issue a voluntary recall of all medications by the end of March of this year. However, they refused to comply.

As a result, the FDA put out a call to action for doctors and pharmacies to pull medications that came from Medaus. Some of the medications affected were hormone replacement products and injectable vitamins, amino acids and various minerals.

When any medication is unsterile, the outcome can be catastrophic, especially when it has been formulated in unsanitary conditions like those found at the Medaus facility. Patients can contract and suffer from infections that range from serious to life-threatening. For Medaus to refuse to comply is irresponsible, and puts the health of the general public at risk.

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