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Posted on September 20, 2012 by

Energizer Batteries Getting Child Proof Packaging

The St. Louis Post Dispatch carried a story September 10, 2012 that informs us the Energizer Battery Company has changed their packaging for button sized batteries.  This change in packaging is supposed to make the batteries used for small electronic devices like remotes and electronic keys more secure.

Small children could be harmed, possibly even fatally injured, if they ingest these batteries. We here at Hoffman & Gelfman strongly urge any parents who may have the old packages to use extreme caution to make sure your children do not have any access to these batteries.

There a small danger of choking associated with these batteries but real danger stems from the chemicals in the batteries.   If these batteries get caught in the esophagus the chemicals can cause burning and lifelong damage. The marketing director for the company, Stacy Harbour, said the company wants to bring attention to the “invisible threat” these products pose in their current packaging.

The attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman have plenty of experience representing families that have been victimized by poor packaging and badly performing products. If you have had issues with poor packaging or a defective product contact one of our St. Louis personal injury attorneys to discuss the possibility of pursuing a claim.