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Posted on March 17, 2015 by

Essure Clinical Trial Patient Speaks Out

Essure is a modern birth control device that is considered permanent. It works by inserting a small, metal coil into each fallopian tube. Once insertion is complete, scar tissue is supposed to build around the coils until they are blocked. Essure has been on the market since 2002, and one clinical trial participant has decided to speak out against the device and all of the pain it has caused her since she had placement done.

What is most notable about her case is the fact that so much of her clinical trial data seems to have been changed or misrepresented in some way. According to a recent news article, she began complaining about pain in her pelvic region on day three after placement, and she has been in constant pain for fifteen years. She states that when she would complain, her complaints would be brushed aside and she was assured that everything was normal.

What wasn’t normal was how she was dropped from the clinical trial, and her pleas for help were brushed aside. She has records stating that she asked to have the device removed. However, Conceptus, the company that designed Essure, reported that there were no requests to have the device removed when it was approved.

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