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Posted on March 12, 2015 by

St. Louis University President Presses on for Unity Following Ferguson Protests

The past several months have been difficult for Fred Pestello, who recently took over as President of St. Louis University. At that time, the University campus was filled with protesters who were all calling for social justice. He had his work cut out for him, but according to one article that was featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he has done an excellent job.

The shooting of Michael Brown in August of last year was a tragedy that had St. Louis as well as other parts of the country calling for justice. St. Louis University was at the heart of some of the most dedicated protests following the shooting. Occupy SLU was held on the University’s campus, and it resulted in violence and bickering amongst the students.

Pestello has taken many steps to assist the students and faculty of SLU in working toward healing. Still, many people believe Pestello’s work has opened the school up for even more protesters and potential problems in the future. While the country is settling down after the shooting, it’s hard to say what events could set off additional violent outbursts or protests.

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