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Posted on May 21, 2020 by

First Responders in Missouri are Covered by Workmans’ Comp for Coronavirus

While the coronavirus outbreak is demanding sacrifices from everyone, first responders face a greater level of risk. Our St. Louis workers comp attorneys explain why a recent change in state regulations will help protect these selfless people who toil on the front lines.

Preserving Workers Comp Rights for First Responders

By nature of their job, first responders are exposed to strangers daily, increasing their susceptibility to coronavirus and other illnesses. In order to qualify for workers comp, first responders who contracted COVID-19 would have to prove it happened in the course of performing their job duties.

During an early April briefing, Gov. Mike Parson and state Labor Department Director Anna Hui announced a change in workers comp rules. If a first responder develops COVID-19, the default position will be that it was contracted on the job.

The new rule took effect in mid-April, but it’s being applied retroactively to any first responder cases dating back to the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. As Hui explained at the briefing, lawmakers hope the revised rule eliminates fear of first responders losing their income.

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