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Posted on May 14, 2020 by

Showers 3 Times A Month, Expired Meds and Understaffed, Over Worked Employees – A Perfect Storm For Neglect

Nursing home neglect is a big problem in Missouri. One nursing home in Missouri is feeling the pressure because of some issues that have been problems for quite some time. Everything that the residents and their families have had to endure seems like something you’d see in a bad movie. But the situation is very real, and it’s happening right in our state.

The Problems

The heart of the issues being experienced at several Missouri area nursing homes are one of staffing. Some of the employees have come forward to let their voices be heard about the neglect that is taking place simply because they’re so short-staffed. They cited:

* Having about half as many CNAs per shift.

* Unnoticed resident deaths because of checks not being completed.

* Poor cleanliness at the facility.

* Residents who are only able to take showers three times per month.

* Nurses dispensing expired medications to residents.

The families should be outraged! And even more than that, they should be seeking justice for their loved ones.

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