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Posted on February 13, 2020 by

Flashing Lights: Fortnite Suit Alleges Video Games Are Addictive

Video games are ingrained in our society. Whether it’s a console, pc, or mobile app games are everywhere. Interestingly, what once seemed a pastime for children has now become prevalent in many age groups.

Whether escapism, online community bonding, or just a pastime, games touch on almost everyone’s life.

Video Games – The New Cocaine?

A recent lawsuit against the creators of Fortnite has brought to light the addictive nature of video gaming, whether intentional or not.

Several studies by the World Health Organization and several universities have studied how games have the effect of releasing dopamine into the brain in a similar manner to drugs. The lawsuit is stating that video games should come with a warning similar to other addictive behaviors.

The question remains as to the depth of the addictive nature. In the game industry, it’s well known that there are addictive properties to games. Much the same way an author uses cliffhangers to keep the reader hooked, game writers and designers insert story and bonus material that keep the player invested.

Does that constitute intentional addictive tendencies? 

That is up to the courts to decide.

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