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Posted on February 11, 2020 by

Notorious Killer Pam Hupp Hit With Wrongful Death Suit From Victim’s Family

Death is never a pleasant subject. It is always worse when that death is the result of murder. In the case of a life willfully taken there is often cause for a wrongful death suit and compensation for the family.

Pam Hupp – Murderess Caught

Last summer Pam Hupp murdered Louis Gumpenberger in a staged home invasion. Hupp had lured the young man into her home under the guise of recording 911 calls for Dateline NBC. The ensuing trial brought to light Hupp’s ulterior motives of diverting attention from a previous murder investigation.

Hupp received a life sentence for the death of Gumpenberger, but Margaret Burch, his mother, is filing a wrongful death suit to help raise his child, Trevelyan. Burch is the legal guardian of Trevelyan.

Lawyers to Help With Child’s Future

When disaster strikes it often falls to the legal system to sort things out. As in the case above, the wellbeing of a child is in the hands of the courts. That’s where St. Louis personal injury attorneys come into play. 

With the help of St. Louis personal injury attorneys, Burch may be able to raise her granddaughter without worrying about her financial situation. Attorneys can also relieve the stress of having to deal with court proceedings and focus on what is truly important, working to heal family wounds.