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Posted on July 14, 2015 by

Food Labels May Not Be Legitimate

We are in a time when we’re trying to be healthier. More of us are reading labels and we trust that companies are being truthful with what is on the label of the foods we buy.

A story on  CNN questions the food labels we use, reporting that some of the information included on them may be misleading. With so many people wanting to eat foods that are natural, organic, gluten-free or free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), these ‘hot words’ are appealing to consumers. But are their foods really living up to their claim?

Here’s a look at each of those:

1. GMOs: While many foods are genetically modified, it is entirely up to the companies to label foods as GMO free.

2. Natural: Though the FDA has not defined what ‘natural’ means, they are not opposed to natural claims on products that don’t have added color, or artificial ingredients or flavors.

3. Organic: Organic refers to animals that have had room to graze and have had no hormones or produce grown without fertilizer or pesticides. However, if processed foods are 70% organically produced, they can have a ‘made with organic ingredients’ label.

4. Gluten-free: Research shows that a gluten-free diet may not be as helpful in weight loss because many foods labeled gluten-free have added sugar and fat

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