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Posted on July 9, 2015 by

Man Posing as Dentist Has Questions to Answer

When you’re in pain, your priority is to make the pain go away, You look for a professional who can help you and a lot of times, you will pay whatever you have to just to be pain free.

That’s what Erika Martinez did. She was having toothaches and needed to see a dentist. When she asked a Facebook friend if she knew any good dentists, her friend recommended Mario Sabillion-Mejia. Her friend said he was nice and professional. When she called his phone number, his assistant, Tiffany Gonzalez, set up an appointment.

On May 18, Sabillion-Mejia and Gonzalez came to Martinez’s home where he introduced himself as a licensed dentist  and introduced Gonzalez as his secretary. He told Martinez that the total cost for removing the problematic teeth plus medicine, would be $1500; $500 before the exam, $500 to pull her teeth and $500 for a follow-up exam. On May 25, after receiving the initial $500, Sabillion-Mejia gave Martinez pain medicine and started pulling her teeth. When she tried to stop him, he held her down and said he had to finish.

Within days, Martinez sought medical attention for severe pain, bleeding and infections. When she went to the police, they found that Sabillion-Mejia and Martinez were deceiving her and perhaps many others.

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