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Posted on December 19, 2013 by

High Speed Chase Ends With Car Crashing Into Home

The police officers in St. Louis are no strangers to having to engage drivers in high speed chases. Quite often, those who break the law try to get away from police officers, putting their lives, as well as the lives of innocent people in danger. However, it is rare that one of these high speed chases ends in the vehicle crashing into someone’s home.

This past week, that’s exactly what happened in St. Louis County.

The motorist was a thirty-year-old St. Peters woman, and the crash happened when she lost control of her vehicle on Airport Road. Fortunately, the home had been condemned, and there wasn’t anyone living there at that time, according to

The woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries, and she was subsequently arrested by area police officers.

It was very fortunate that there was no one living in the home at the time of the car accident. However, high speed chases don’t always end so well. As your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we see many cases where injuries have resulted from these types of police pursuits. Quite often, the worst injuries are suffered by people who were innocent bystanders.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident, your St. Louis personal injury attorney is here to help. Contact us today.