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Posted on June 21, 2012 by

Hip Implants May Cause Problems Due to Metal Particles

The FDA is looking into metal on metal hip replacements due to the number of complaints and lawsuits that have been filed. These replacements tend to have more problems than just those you may expect when having a joint replaced.

The FDA says that part of the problem is that metallic debris can come off the device and get into the surrounding tissues. The effect of the metal is not precisely known as some may be more harmed than others by the chromium and cobalt used in the replacement parts.

Representatives from the FDA have been quoted as saying that the metal can cause different reactions in different people.   One consequence for some is hip replacement failure that requires additional surgery and a new replacement device. If a person with one of these devices has swelling in their hip joint, pain in the groin area or less mobility they should contact their doctor. The presence of metal in the body could also result heart, nervous system or thyroid complications.

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