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Posted on June 26, 2012 by

Two St. Louis Residents Die in a Mississippi Car Wreck

Two people from the St. Louis area lost their lives in an accident in Mississippi on Monday. The St. Louis Today reported that Clifton Collins and Elmo Davis were driving with two other people when the SUV they were in veered off the road and overturned. It is reported that the driver may have dozed off and that is why the vehicle went off the interstate.  It is a story told many times where a driver that has tried to fight off sleep has driven off the road. The tragedy will haunt all those involved for years to come.

The number of fatalities in car accidents dropped last year to its lowest level since 1949 according to the National Highway Safety Administration.   Recently though the growing number of distractions while driving these days could easily change.

Texting, talking on a cell phone, adjusting a GPS, eating and drinking are all activities that too many drivers engage in while their eyes should be on the road.  If you suffered an injury due to the negligence of another you should be compensated for injuries and emotional stress you were forced to endure.  If you believe that you were injured in a car accident and a distracted driver was responsible you should contact our St. Louis car accident attorneys to discuss your options.