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Posted on November 5, 2019 by

Hit-And-Run Driver Charged After Fatal Death Of A Four-Year-Old In A Stroller

women crossing street

Pedestrian accidents are far too common in St. Louis. There is a much higher risk involved when a pedestrian is hit by a car or truck, and the accident is more likely to have fatal consequences. That is exactly what happened in St. Louis County following a recent hit-and-run.

Four-Year-Old Dies in Hit-and-Run

A mother was pushing her two-year-old in a stroller and her four-year-old was walking beside them when the accident took place. The man who was driving the car had several legal problems. His license had been revoked and he also had a DUI, among other issues. Police reported that he left the scene of the accident.

Unfortunately, the older child passed away at the hospital. The younger child sustained leg fractures, but doctors believe he will recover. The man was handed several charges, including one count of second-degree murder.

Your St. Louis Fatal Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

This accident is tragic, as they all are. It could have been prevented, but the best way to prevent it from happening to someone else is for the family to file a legal claim.

Your St. Louis fatal pedestrian accident attorneys are here to help you if you or someone you love is injured or killed in this type of accident. This man will undoubtedly have to pay for the pain and suffering that he caused, not to mention the loss of life.

Contact us for legal assistance.