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Posted on October 31, 2019 by

More Missouri Ride the Duck Employees Charged with Negligence

Do you remember the case involving the duck boat rides in Springfield, Missouri? Seventeen people died as a result of that incident, but the case is not over yet. A Grand Jury has indicted two more people for their alleged misconduct and negligence

The Superceding Indictment

The superceding indictment replaced the original one to include additional charges as well as the two new defendants. One man was the general manager of Ride the Ducks Branson. He held authority over all of the employees. The other was an employee who was acting as the manager on duty the day the incident occurred. His job was to keep track of changes in the weather and stay in contact with the boats via radio. 

The Grand Jury found both of these men to be negligent, and they were included in the lawsuit for a total of three defendants. 

Justice for the Families of the Duck Boat Accident Victims

Many families mourned the loss of their loved ones after this accident took place. As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we know the pain people feel when they lose someone they love. We also know that many families have valid wrongful death cases, but they never file claims. If that's you, then we can help. 

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