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Posted on January 23, 2018 by

Why You Need Hoffman & Gelfman on Your Side After an Auto Accident

Just because you’ve suffered a car accident, does that mean you need a lawyer? The St. Louis car accident attorneys want you to understand why it’s best to have a seasoned personal injury attorney on your side.

Unforeseen Obstacles
In the heat of the moment, your accident may seem manageable. However, unforeseen obstacles may pop-up over time, leaving you in need of a knowledgeable, compassionate accident attorney:

– Severe/Permanent Injuries
Those suffering the long-term emotional and financial impact of debilitating injury, and looking at prolonged recovery times and lost wages, need a skillful attorney to secure their future quality of life.

– Disputed Liability
An accident attorney can help you battle not only at-fault drivers, but large auto insurance companies and their team of lawyers, acting as your advocate in proving the party at-fault and responsibility for damages.

– Refusal to Pay
If your insurer, or the at-fault party, refuses to pay what you feel is a fair amount for damages or medical costs, an accident attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

– Extenuating Circumstances
If your accident/injury involved a drunk driver, head-on collision, defective auto part, road construction, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, tractor-trailer, then quickly hiring an attorney is essential to your case outcome.

Why do you need the St. Louis car accident attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman? Unmatched results. Contact us for a complimentary case review today.