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Posted on January 25, 2018 by

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Car Accident in St. Louis

Left in shock after a hit-and-run driver carelessly sped away, leaving you to face the consequences alone? The St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Hoffman & Gelfman want you to know there’s still something you can do about it!

1. Get witness information.
Were there witnesses? Traffic cameras? Immediately gather essential contact information including name, phone, and address of witnesses. Write down any known information on car make/model, license plate, driver description, as well as time, location, and details of the incident. These details ensure the consistency that upholds an honest, true story.

2. Report it.
Call the police, reporting the incident ASAP. Ask for a copy of the accident report, which is integral to recovering damages later.

3. Seek medical treatment.
Whether you think you need it or not, you need an official record of your injuries, seen and unseen, that corresponds with the timetable of the accident. If injuries are severe, carefully record all treatment and pharmaceutical costs.

4. Call your insurance company.
Report the accident, injuries and treatment sought to your insurance company. Approach them delicately. In hit-and-run scenarios, if the at-fault driver can’t be found, you may have difficulty recovering damages without uninsured/underinsured coverage.

5. Contact an attorney.
To ensure the responsibility of recovering damages does not fall solely on your shoulders.

Don’t go it alone. Contact the St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Hoffman & Gelfman for a free consultation today.