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Posted on December 31, 2015 by

How Does an Insurance Adjuster Determine a Settlement Amount?

If you’ve been in an accident, you know that working with the insurance company can be a little difficult and there may be things you don’t understand. One of our St. Louis personal injury attorneys on your side during this process as they can help you understand things better.

How the insurance adjuster determines a settlement offer is one of those things that may need further explanation. Good adjusters will gather all the facts before making an offer. The methods an adjuster uses to come to an offer are:

1. Get the insured party’s story: They will see what the insured has to say about the accident. They will also read a police or accident report.

2. Investigate the plaintiff: The adjuster will see if the they have ever filed a claim and will also try to dig up any dirt on the plaintiff.

3. Gather claim documentation: This can include medical records, earnings proof, property damage proof and more. They will then meticulously review the documentation.

4. Determine values: The settlement value and the value of pain and suffering. The settlement value is determined after considering what the plaintiff’s chances of winning are and how much a jury may award them.

5. Give a first settlement: After the above steps, the adjuster will come to a first settlement offer.

If you have to work with an insurance adjuster, contact one of our St. Louis personal injury attorneys today!