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Posted on December 27, 2016 by

Man Falls Asleep at the Wheel and Causes Fatal Car Accident Near St. Louis

Car accidents near St. Louis are caused by a variety of issues. Sometimes they’re caused by drunk or distracted driving. However, there have also been a large number of accidents that were caused because the driver fell asleep at the wheel. That is precisely what happened in a recent accident that occurred outside of St. Louis, according to an article on the Fox2Now St. Louis website.

The accident occurred just before 11 pm on a Saturday night on I-270. The man who caused the accident was twenty years old, and the driver of the second vehicle was seventy-one years old. The second driver also had a seventy-year-old passenger in his vehicle. The driver of the first vehicle fell asleep at the wheel, according to police reports, and his vehicle rear-ended the second vehicle.

According to the article, the second vehicle went off the road and hit a pole. The driver was pronounced dead when authorities arrived at the scene. His passenger was taken to a local hospital and was treated for her injuries.

This accident was tragic, and while it wasn’t intended, the man who caused the accident should be held accountable. A St. Louis car accident attorney will ensure that he is.

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