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Posted on December 29, 2016 by

St. Louis Pedestrian Accident: Man Struck While Riding Scooter in Hit and Run

There are many accidents in St. Louis every week, and far too many of them are hit and run incidents. One recent hit and run involved a man who was riding a motorized wheelchair or scooter, according to a recent article on the Fox2Now St. Louis website.

The collision occurred about about 12:45 am near Halls Ferry and Chambers. The victim was a sixty-seven-year-old man who was riding a motorized wheelchair in the road. He was hit by a car, and the vehicle immediately sped away from the scene.

Fortunately, there were many Good Samaritans in the area where the accident occurred. Several St. Louis citizens stayed with the man, standing over him until first responders arrived at the scene of the incident. The investigators believe that this may have been what saved his life. His injuries were quite serious, but he is expected to survive.

At the time of the article, police had not caught the driver who caused the accident. However, it was believed to be caused by someone driving a black Chevy Impala.

Accidents like these are why it’s important to consult with a St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney. Talking with a professional in this area of expertise can help you understand what your rights are. Once investigators determine the person who caused the accident, a St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney will fight hard to get you the compensation that you deserve.