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Posted on July 6, 2017 by

Medical Malpractice Suit Against University Hospital Moves Forward

The University of Iowa’s Hospitals and Clinics was recently sued for medical malpractice. 74-year-old Ardeth Wray is seeking $6 million from the hospital, pointing to the inadequate care of her surgeon, Dr. Jeremy Greenlee, as the cause of her subsequent brain damage.

In May 2015, Dr. Greenlee diagnosed Wray with a non-cancerous tumor in the lining of her brain. Typically, these slow-growing tumors are monitored. However Greenlee believed it best to pursue surgery and removed the tumor and part of her skull, replacing the bone with titanium mesh and screws.

Less than a month after her surgery, Wray experienced surgical complications: Drainage and infection. Instead of replacing the mesh to clear the infection, antibiotics were used.

In January 2016, Wray was admitted to the hospital by Dr. Greenlee for incision pain and daily headaches. He decided to remove the mesh, but it was now woven into her brain membrane, and the removal caused severe blood loss and a stroke.

When she awoke she was unable to speak or follow commands, and in February was admitted to a nursing facility for treatment and therapy. To-date she continues to struggle with headaches, memory and vision loss, and most cognitive functions.

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