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Posted on December 10, 2013 by

Two Men Die Following Wrong-Way Collision

This past weekend, two men died following a crash that took place along Interstate 44 in Franklin County.

The investigation is still on-going, however, the men were seventy-eight years old and thirty-four years old. According to the KSDK article, the older driver’s vehicle was driving the wrong way down Interstate 44, when the two vehicles collided. Both men were taken to a local hospital, where they died later on from injuries they sustained from the accident.

Sometimes it isn’t enough to be a good driver. Even professional drivers can find themselves as victims of a car accident simply because the unexpected can happen at any time. During times like this, it’s important to have the name of a St. Louis personal injury attorney that you can turn to for legal assistance.

A car accident can have a devastating effect on everyone involved. The most tragic ones often end with someone dying from their injuries. For surviving victims, there is often a loss of income, a need to be on disability, and a mountain of medical bills. These financial obstacles can be very overwhelming, and there’s no reason for anyone to deal with them alone.

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