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Posted on October 10, 2019 by

Missouri Legislation Would Limit Insurance Carriers’ Liability Settlements

Every year, millions of dollars are paid out by insurance companies after car accidents. But a new piece of legislation in Missouri might be changing how much victims are owed after having been in an accident. It raises a lot of questions, and there are many who think that it doesn't give consumers or victims the protection it should. 

Should There be Limits on Liability Settlements?

If this piece of legislation goes through, it will mean that when there are multiple victims, the insurance company will only have to pay out a certain amount. The amounts would be listed in the policy's contract. 

People who support this bill state that insurance companies should not be made to pay unreasonable amounts of money. Those who are against it state that victims will lose their protection, and big businesses will get out of having to pay a just amount in compensation. There are some who say that insurance companies won't have to act in the best interests of their clients if the bill is passed. 

Advice From Your St. Louis Car Accident Attorneys

As your St. Louis car accident attorneys, we are no strangers to changes in laws. We always fight hard for our clients because we know what they deserve to receive in compensation. 

Please don't be discouraged by this new piece of legislation. It may not have any impact on your case at all. Contact us, and we'll navigate it together.