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Posted on December 6, 2018 by

Motorist Killed by Falling Bridge Barrier from Overpass

There are tens of thousands of wrongful death cases that occur each year. A recent article documenting such a case details how a motorist’s life was taken by a falling non-fixed bridge barrier. The bridge barrier had fallen after another driver had run into the barrier while traveling on an overpass.

When tragedies like these occur it can be difficult for family members to pick up the pieces and move forward. For any St. Louis local, a St. Louis wrongful death attorney can provide legal answers, relief, and professional perspective.

If you’ve recently dealt with a life-changing, devastating loss in the St. Louis Missouri area, you need all the support and consideration available. Such a loss can be traumatizing for everyone involved. How much more so if the death occurs because of another’s actions, improperly secured road fixtures or road hazards improperly addressed?

During this troubling time, you may need some legal guidance and options to help you manage through the unknowns. How can you get the information and results you require to move on? A St. Louis law firm may offer some positive first steps.

Choosing Well

As a family member, are you considering taking possible legal action? Know that our St. Louis wrongful death attorneys will review your case, take out any guesswork for you, and provide you with results. Contact Hoffman & Gelfman Attorneys to receive answers to extremely difficult questions, today.