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Posted on December 11, 2018 by

Shopping Slip and Fall Accidents – What to Know When It Happens to You

This time of year, stores have a hard time keeping people from slipping and falling in their buildings. Lots of people are doing their holiday shopping, and the floors get really wet and slippery from all the snow that gets tracked inside. If you’re out shopping this season and you slip and fall, there is some information you need to know.

The First Step After a Slip and Fall

After you have fallen, your first instinct is probably to attempt to get back up again, unless you’re seriously injured. But it’s best if you can record the condition of the floor before you leave the scene. This might mean taking a video or pictures of it, or asking someone who is with you to do the same. You’ll need this information if you decide to file a lawsuit because you’ll need to prove negligence.

Should You Contact a St. Louis Slip and Fall Lawyer?

You should absolutely contact a St. Louis slip and fall lawyer after you’ve been injured while shopping. If the store is found to be negligent, they can be held responsible for paying your medical bills and other expenses. Even if the accident was only partially their fault, you may still be entitled to some form of compensation because of comparative negligence.

We can help you file your claim, and we’ll fight hard to get you what you deserve after your fall.