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Posted on July 20, 2017 by

North St. Louis Man Dies of Dog Bites from His Own Pets

Many overlook their own pets as potential sources of danger. In recent news, St. Louis County Police have been investigating the death of a North St. Louis County man, found dead in his home. At some point the victim was bitten by dogs, however an autopsy was necessary to determine if this occurred before or after his death.

A Life Cut Short
The family of 45-year-old Adonis Reddick stopped by his North St. Louis County home for a well-being check, where they found him dead. Reddick owned two pit bulls, who were found alongside him in his home. After the family contacted authorities, police say one of the pit bulls was acting aggressively. Unfortunately, the animal had to be fatally shot by an officer. The other pit bull was calm, and was transported to animal control for evaluation.

The Shocking Results?
Autopsy results did indeed reveal that the victim died from penetrating and perforating wounds to the neck, pointing to one or both of his pit bulls as the culprits.

Do You Know the Signs of Aggressive Dog Behavior?
Many owners ignore the warning signs such as frequent staring, growling, snapping, lunging, protective and other dominant tendencies.

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