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Posted on August 12, 2014 by

St. Louis Brawl Results in Multiple Arrests

Whenever a fight or a brawl breaks out in St. Louis the results can be devastating. It’s common for bystanders to be seriously injured, or even killed if they are nearby when these incidents occur.

A recent St. Louis brawl broke out in Poelker Park, which is near City Hall, according to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website. The park is a popular place for people to hang out, especially during the spring and summer months. In this particular case, officers who were working in one of the Civil Court buildings observed people fighting in the park. They alerted additional police officers of the disturbance.

When the police arrived, fights had broken out, and people were also throwing beer cans. Approximately twenty people were involved in the brawl, and police officers made five arrests. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

If you’re a parent who enjoys taking your kids to the park, as your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we’d like to remind you to be watchful of your surroundings. If you see some suspicious activity, it’s important to remove your family from the situation immediately. However, some incidents are difficult to avoid.

If you or a member of your family is injured during a public incident like this one, please contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your case.