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Posted on August 14, 2014 by

Should Local First Responders be Vaccinated Against Anthrax?

It’s no secret that the world has been in a constant state of turmoil ever since the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. Threats of a biohazard attack using anthrax have occurred more than once.

As you can imagine, emergency responders are among the first people to encounter possible exposures to anthrax. However, they’re not always protected because of the way the current healthcare policies read, according to an article on the website.

Anthrax is a deadly bacteria, and healthcare officials state that it can take the human body up to two months to build up immunity. During those two months, and without proper preventative vaccination, an exposed individual has to take strong antibiotics just to stay alive. While the CDC supports offering the vaccination to emergency responders, millions of them are being thrown away each year because they’ve expired.

Perhaps you’re a healthcare worker or a first responder and you’re concerned about being exposed to anthrax or another potentially fatal bacteria. As your St. Louis attorney, we support your right to vaccinations. If you’re exposed when that exposure could have been protected or prevented, you deserve compensation.

It’s important to understand your rights. Contact a St. Louis attorney to discuss your specific situation and protect yourself as well as your colleagues in the important work you do for our city.