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Posted on December 3, 2019 by

St Louis Police Officer Strikes Child During Pursuit Without Emergency Lights On

It's not uncommon to see high-speed police chases in St. Louis. They happen all the time. But there is a process of pursuing people that police officers have to follow. One did not follow the protocol, and the result was that a child was very severely injured

Failing to Turn on the Emergency Lights

Emergency lights and sirens should always be used when police officers are in pursuit of a potential offender. But in this case, they were not. The young girl who was hit was only twelve years old, and she ran in front of the officer's SUV. Fortunately, he did not continue the chase. Instead, he stopped to provide help and call for assistance. 

This young girl had her entire life before her. But now, she is suffering from serious physical trauma and injuries. It is very likely that she will not survive. Her pelvis was shattered, she had internal bleeding and severe brain injuries, among other injuries. 

How Can St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys Help?

This incident should have never happened. The loss of this little girl's life is such a tragedy, and the family has every right to pursue a legal claim because of this incident. 

Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys understand the law and how to pursue a case like this one. Justice needs to be served, and we fight hard for our clients' right to compensation. Contact us.