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Posted on September 15, 2016 by

St. Louis Woman Dies Because of Missed Breast Cancer Diagnosis

One St. Louis man is grieving the death of his wife after a missed breast cancer diagnosis, according to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website.

The article states that the woman was sixty-two years old when she died, but her death could have been avoided if her breast cancer had been caught with the first mammogram. The images from the mammogram were poor quality, and instead of having her repeat them, the woman’s doctor stated that she had nothing to worry about.

In fact, it wasn’t until her primary doctor called for additional tests that the couple was aware something was wrong. The tests found that her liver was enlarged, and the small mass that had been present during the first mammogram had multiplied. She passed away just two months after the additional tests were ordered.

It’s not possible to say that she would have survived with a proper diagnosis, but her husband filed a lawsuit because many patients do survive when their cancers are caught in the first stage.

As your St. Louis medical malpractice attorney, we want to protect your rights as a patient, or as the family member of a patient who has been misdiagnosed. It’s important to consult with a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney to discuss your case if you feel that you’ve been a victim. We understand the law and your rights in cases like this.