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Posted on September 13, 2016 by

Woman Arrested After Her Dog Bites Twice in One Month

There are some dogs that are just more dangerous than others, and certain breeds have the potential to attack when they are not under control of their owners. According to a recent news article, one woman was recently arrested after her dog attacked two different people in the same month, .

The dog, which was a pitbull, first attacked a woman who was working on her home down the street from his residence. The pitbull had been enclosed in the yard, but managed to find a way to escape. Police officers detained the dog for a ten-day quarantine, and began the process of declaring the dog to be a dangerous animal. He was subsequently returned to his owner.

Unfortunately, the dog again escaped his enclosure through an unsecured gate and attacked a woman who was walking by, biting her on the calf and taking flesh from that area.

Aggressive dogs are a serious problem, and people who own them, especially the more dangerous breeds, are legally required to keep their dogs on leashes or properly secured. Unfortunately, dog bites continue to happen in St. Louis and pet owners need to understand that they will be held liable.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in St. Louis, your St. Louis dog bite attorney can advise you about how you should proceed. Contact a St. Louis dog bite attorney to get started on your case right away.