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Posted on June 11, 2015 by

SUV Crashes Into Golden Corral

When you’re having a family meal, you expect to eat in a peaceful setting, with nothing major interrupting the time you are spending together. So, if someone drives their vehicle through the restaurant, just feet away from where you’re dining, that can be traumatizing, not only if you’re the one injured, but from the anxiety it causes as well.

An article on reports about this exact scenario happening Sunday afternoon. According to the article, a woman was having brunch with her son at a Golden Corral in O’Fallon, when an SUV crashed into the restaurant. Her immediate thought was to remove her son from imminent danger, but was thankfully it didn’t go that far, as the SUV didn’t reach them. The woman, a former EMT, then proceeded to assist those who were injured, but faced the difficulty of people who were standing around, recording the incident with cell phones, and not being helpful in any manner.

The SUV crashed into a non-load bearing wall which made the damage and injuries less then they could have been. Eight people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. One of them was the driver of the SUV, a woman in her mid forties who thought she was hitting the brake.

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