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Posted on May 23, 2017 by

Tractor Trailer Crashes into St. Louis Building

A tractor trailer can do so much damage when it’s out of control. Recently, a semi-truck crashed into a building in St. Louis, according to an article on the KSDK website.

The accident took place at the Soulard building in St. Louis, just after one o’clock in the morning. Witnesses stated that the truck went off the road and crashed through several concrete barriers. It took out a power line before crashing into the two-story building. Authorities attempted to contact the truck’s owner, but he wasn’t able to be reached until the next morning.

Fortunately, the building was empty at the time the accident occurred. The driver survived the crash, but authorities were still unsure as to what caused him to wreck his truck.

Currently, the building stands condemned and the owner has not been allowed back inside. Because of the instability of the structure, the two businesses housed inside the building have had to relocate, at least temporarily.

If this accident had happened during the day, so many lives could have been lost. As your St. Louis truck accident attorney, we want you to know that this could happen to your business too. Tractor trailer crashes are not unusual in St. Louis.

If you suffer from any type of semi-truck accident, please contact us, your St. Louis truck accident attorney right away. We will review your case and fight hard for your immediate compensation.