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Posted on April 26, 2016 by

Truck Accident Near St. Louis Results in Near Death for Truck Driver

Truck accidents are relatively common in St. Louis. However, not all truck accidents result in semi-trucks dangling over the side of a bridge. One recent accident, which occurred near St. Louis and St. Charles almost caused the death of the truck driver who was involved.

The article on the Fox2News website states that the accident happened just after noon on a Wednesday, and it also involved two other vehicles. The article does not clarify whose fault the accident was, but the impact of the crash and the response of the truck driver were significant enough that the truck turned over on its side on Discovery Bridge. When that happened, the cab of the truck went over the bridge, and it was dangling partially over the side until help arrived.

The truck driver was able to escape the cab, and he actually climbed up to the bridge safely. People in the two other vehicles that were involved in the crash were treated at the local hospital, but they did not have life-threatening injuries.

If you’re in an accident with a semi-truck, or with any other type of commercial truck, it’s important to contact St. Louis truck accident attorneys right away. Regardless of who you believe is at fault for the crash, truck drivers must abide by certain rules while they’re on the road. Your St. Louis truck accident attorneys will help you understand your legal rights.