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Posted on May 26, 2016 by

Twenty-Five-Year-Old Pedestrian Killed in St. Louis Accident

The streets of St. Louis can be very dangerous for pedestrians. To prove that point, one twenty-five-year-old college student recently lost his life because of a tragic accident that could have been prevented.

According to the article that appeared on the Belleville News – Democrat website, the young man had been attending the Southern Illinois Edwardsville School of Business. He also worked at a local hospital and had a six-year-old child.

At the time of the accident he was crossing the street on Lindell Boulevard. The earliest reports stated that a vehicle hit him and threw him into the path of a second vehicle. However, authorities later stated that it was the second vehicle that actually struck the victim.

Later, the young man died at the hospital from his injuries. At the time of the article, no charges had been filed against either of the drivers, who did not flee the scene.

This accident is so tragic, but as your St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney, we hear stories like this one frequently. So much could have been done to avoid this crash and the family of this young victim deserve justice in this case.

The same is true for you. If you’re ever a victim in an accident, please contact a St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney to get help. We know the law, and we know what your rights are. We’ll fight hard to get compensation.