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Posted on September 27, 2012 by

U.S. Fidelis Owner Pleads Guilty to Fraud and Other Charges

The St. Louis Post Dispatch has reported that the former co-owner of U.S. Fidelis, a seller of auto service contracts, has been sentenced to four years in jail after pleading guilty to tax fraud and other charges. Cory Atkinson has already turned over $15 million in assets and will have to pay 4.49 million in back taxes. According to information in the article Atkinson’s brother Darien is even more culpable for the fraud and misleading practices that has led to these charges.

The company used misleading tactics to fool people into thinking they were dealing with auto companies and then sign them up for more expensive warranties for amounts sometimes over $2, 000. When upset customers cancelled the expensive policies they did not receive the proper refund amount. Those affected may be feel that some justice was served by the sentencing but these practices should also be punished in civil court.

Our expert attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman have a history of winning settlements for those who have been defrauded of their hard earned dollars. If you have had dealings with U.S. Fidelis or any other company that has misrepresented itself visit our website to contact one of our St. Louis attorneys to discuss your options.