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Posted on August 23, 2012 by

Warren County Resident Found Drowned in Warrington

A man found in a ravine near Interstate 70 in Warrenton appears to have accidently drowned. Andrew Eli, 22, was out with friends at a fast food restaurant when he went to the men’s room and did not return to the group. His friends eventually called his family and his uncle and two cousins went looking for him and found the body.

Eli was believed to have been walking home when he fell into the ravine and landed in a shallow pool of water. There is no word from the coroner’s office on why he wasn’t able to remove himself from the less than six inches of water he was found in. The area where Eli was found does have a guardrail but, according to the coroner, is poorly lit.

This horrible accident not only took the life of a young man it also deeply affects the family. If the area should have been roped off or had better lighting the family is due compensation for their loss. If you have suffered an injury due to improper precautions taken by a property owner or business, you should call the St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman. Visit our website and arrange for an interview to find out how our personal injury experts can help you.