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Posted on August 9, 2012 by

Wrong Way Driver Killed in Collision

Chesterfield police have identified an 18 year old driver who was killed when his car hit two vehicles, including a bus, while going the wrong way on Interstate 64 in Chesterfield. The bus driver and a passenger were injured and the driver of the other car was seriously, but not critically, injured according to the news report filed by the St. Louis Dispatch on Sunday, July 29. According to the St Louis Dispatch any word on a toxicology report may take weeks.

The driver entered the highway in an eastbound direction but was driving in a westbound lane. There is no reason given in the report as to why the driver was going the wrong way. The driver may have been distracted or unfamiliar with the area but anyone who is injured as a direct result of this kind of accident is entitled to seek damages from a driver who makes this type of mistake.

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