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Posted on December 4, 2012 by

St. Charles Man Arrested after Ramming his Pick up into his Girlfriend’s Car

A St. Charles man has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including DUI, after ramming his truck twice into his girlfriend’s car while she was trying to get away from him. The man is also facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child as the couple’s one year old son was in her car at the time of the incident. The matter was just reported in The St. Louis Post Dispatch on November 26 and as police continue to investigate there could be even more charges filed.

This driver was doing more than just endangering the lives of the passengers in the car he purposely hit. Others on the road could have also been hit in the melee and simply witnessing this type of event may have been emotionally harmful to passersby.  Anyone that has been involved in such an incident or been a victim of any form of road rage has a right to seek punitive damages along with any medical damages that have been incurred.

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