Month: November 2013

Crosssover Wreck Causes a Fatality

A forty-nine-year-old woman was killed recently in a car accident involving a Freightliner tractor trailer that was traveling north on highway 45 in Missouri. The driver of the tractor trailer, a thirty-eight-year-old Springfield man, crossed over into the southbound lanes. When he did, he struck a Chevy pick-up truck, forcing it off the road. He then ran […]

Written by on November 28, 2013

Detroit Woman Shot Following Car Accident

It was a tragic day, earlier this month, when a nineteen-year-old woman was hurt in an automobile accident in Detroit. However, the accident itself wasn’t the cause of the tragic event. After the accident occurred, authorities say the woman approached a nearby home to ask for assistance. When she approached the house, the homeowner, a […]

Written by on November 26, 2013

Women Take A Stand After Agreeing To Essure Sterilization

Erin Brockovich is taking a stand, along with many women all over the United States, to fight against what they believe to be faulty information they were given about getting the sterilization device, Essure, implanted in their fallopian tubes. Many of these women have suffered from various side effects because of the device, which is supposed […]

Written by on November 21, 2013

Injured at Work? We’re on Your Side

When you’re injured at work, in addition to contacting a St. Louis personal injury attorney, make sure you’re following the correct protocol set by your employer. Step #1: Report the injury immediately Report your accident to your employer as soon as possible so that the correct paperwork can be filled out by your boss. Waiting […]

Written by on November 19, 2013

What Steps To Take if You Are Injured in an Accident and Cannot Work?

As your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we hope you are never in a serious car accident. However, if you are, it’s important to know the steps you should take immediately following the accident. Step One: Call 911 You might be in a state of shock, but even in a minor accident you should contact […]

Written by on November 14, 2013

Motor Cyclists Attack Family on NJ Highway – Could It Happen to You?

When the news came out about the motorcyclists who attacked the family driving an SUV on a New Jersey highway, motorists everywhere were stunned. According to an article on the Huffington Post website, authorities were unclear about what might have possibly angered the motorcyclists, however, they swarmed around the SUV and some of them blocked […]

Written by on November 12, 2013

Slip & Fall Accidents Come with Cold Weather

During the cold season, we always expect to see an increase in slips and falls. Unfortunately, as your St. Louis personal injury attorney, we see a lot of these accidents every year. So, we’d like to give you a few tips to help you avoid those slips and falls so that you can remain injury-free. […]

Written by on November 7, 2013

Pedestrian Hit by Motorist Tuesday, Early Morning

Motor vehicle accidents are a regular occurrence in St. Louis. However, what isn’t so common is for a driver to hit a pedestrian, and then leave the scene of the accident. This is precisely what happened this Tuesday morning in October in south St. Louis according to an article on The accident occurred on […]

Written by on November 5, 2013