Month: September 2019

What to Know and Do After You Have Been Attacked by a Dog

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, not only are you experiencing significant pain, but you may have grounds for a lawsuit. So many people in Missouri don't realize that they have legal rights and may be able to be compensated for their pain, lost wages, medical bills and more.  But, getting […]

Written by on September 26, 2019

What to Know and Do After a Bicycle/Car Accident

With everyone becoming more conscious of the environment, a lot of people are choosing to ride bicycles rather than driving their cars. But the reality is that while it does make a difference, cyclists are certainly not making themselves safer. In fact, there are a lot of bicycle accidents in Missouri. But strangely enough, there […]

Written by on September 24, 2019

Top Malpractice Causes in an Emergency Situation

When you have to go to the emergency room because of an injury, you have the right to expect a high standard of care. Yet, all over Missouri, malpractice still occurs. There are those who go to the ER to get help, and they end up in even worse condition as a result. In many […]

Written by on September 19, 2019

What Are the Top Injuries for Workers’ Compensation?

Every day, in the State of Missouri, workers are injured on the job. Many of them file workers' compensation claims, and some get the benefits that they deserve. But there are those who don't, and they miss out on compensation that's owed to them.  There are a number of injuries that tend to occur more […]

Written by on September 17, 2019

Choose Hoffman & Gelfman the Top St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

A workplace injury can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. It doesn't matter what type of work you do, if the proper conditions are not in place, you could get hurt. The reality is that in St. Louis, alone, hundreds if not thousands of workers' comp claims are filed every year. But how many of them […]

Written by on September 12, 2019

Motorcycle Collides with Pick-Up Truck on Highway

We may be approaching fall, but while the warm weather continues, people will still be making good use of it by riding their motorcycles. Not enough drivers are cautious about motorcyclists on the road. One recent accident that involved ten motorcycles and a pickup truck is proof of that.  Pickup Truck Crashes Into Motorcycles The […]

Written by on September 10, 2019

Mother Accuses Prison for Wrongful Death of Son

There are many wrongful deaths in Missouri every year, and they can happen where you least expect them. For instance, one mother filed a lawsuit after her son died in prison because he developed appendicitis.  Death by Appendicitis The young man was only twenty-one years old, and he was scheduled to finish his prison sentence just three […]

Written by on September 5, 2019

Who Is Responsible for Injuries Away From Home?

During the warmer months of the year, a lot of families make plans to travel. Unfortunately, it's inevitable that some people are going to get injured as the result of an accident. When that happens, who is responsible and what can the victims do? Let's talk about it.  Common Vacation Injuries There are several places […]

Written by on September 3, 2019