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Autopilot Technology Undergoing Additional Scrutiny

News broke yesterday about two men dying in a crash involving an Autopilot feature of a Tesla, where the vehicle was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed around a curve. Source: The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times While driverless cars and Autopilot features are going to become more and […]

Written by on April 20, 2021

Auto and Truck Accidents Are On The Rise

As states re-open, there are increased risks of auto and truck accidents. Many people have become used to open roads and to driving faster than they should. Some people have not driven in weeks and are out of practice. According to reports from the Missouri State Highway Patrol,  traffic fatalities are up 11% compared to […]

Written by on July 1, 2020

What to Know About Multi-Car Crash Incidents

Car crashes can happen to anyone. A couple of weeks ago an accident on 64 Eastbound left a motorist trapped in their car and traffic backed up for miles. The accident closed down several lanes and left four lanes fighting to cram into two. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but the trapped motorist was extracted […]

Written by on April 2, 2020

Self Driving Cars: Here’s What You Should Know

The newest innovation in the automotive industry is the self-driving car. Many see computer-controlled cars as the next step in vehicular evolution. Despite what you may believe, they are not without fault. Despite the fact that computers are incapable of being distracted by any human shortcomings, they have the same capacity to glitch as a laptop […]

Written by on March 26, 2020

Speeding Car Without Headlights On Strikes Police Vehicle, Injuries Follow

Traffic accidents can happen to anyone. Often we think that police officers do not fall into that category, but that was not the case early in February. Two police officers suffered a traffic accident when a driver ran a red light and collided with their car in an intersection. Specific details of the accident were […]

Written by on March 3, 2020

What to Know and Do After a Bicycle/Car Accident

With everyone becoming more conscious of the environment, a lot of people are choosing to ride bicycles rather than driving their cars. But the reality is that while it does make a difference, cyclists are certainly not making themselves safer. In fact, there are a lot of bicycle accidents in Missouri. But strangely enough, there […]

Written by on September 24, 2019

How Does the Insurance Company Decide Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident

If you have recently been in a car accident, you probably went through all of the proper steps. You have a police report, you sought medical attention, and then you contacted both insurance companies.  Both your and the other driver's insurance companies have a big job ahead of them. It's up to them to help […]

Written by on August 29, 2019

Spring and Fall: Accidents Involving Cars and Farm Equipment Rises

The spring and fall seasons are busy ones for farmers in Missouri. They have a lot of equipment out working on their farms, but it's also traveling on the roads. That puts them at risk for accidents, and it is not surprising that there are so many more crashes involving farm equipment during these times […]

Written by on May 28, 2019

When the Precious and Innocent Are Injured – Two-Vehicle Accident

Far too often, children are the victims of car accidents. Many of these cases are fatal, but for those who survive, they typically experience incredible pain and suffering. A recent Missouri accident left one boy a victim, and in need of immediate medical attention. Two-Car Accident Causes Injuries for a 12-Year-Old Boy The accident occurred […]

Written by on May 23, 2019

Fatalities in Missouri Auto Accidents Break Families Apart

It is so heartbreaking to find out that you lost a loved one in a car accident. Can you imagine the pain that three families felt when they experienced this type of loss all in the same day? There really is no comparison to it.  Three Fatal Missouri Car Accidents The accidents took place on a […]

Written by on May 21, 2019