Month: May 2015

Anti-Nausea Medicine, Zofran, Could Cause Birth Defects

When you are pregnant, you take a lot of precautions to protect your unborn baby. You take prenatal vitamins, go to your doctor appointments and make sure you’re eating healthy. But, you probably still get morning sickness or some kind of nausea. When your doctor prescribes you an anti-nausea medicine, you take it, expecting relief […]

Written by on May 28, 2015

Possible Stolen Babies from 50 Years Ago Places Suspicion on Hospital Staff

To hear that you have miscarried your baby or that your baby was born stillborn is devastating. You want to hold that little life in your hands and to have that torn away from you suddenly is a pain beyond comprehension. Imagine finding out that your baby is possibly still alive, even decades later. KMOX News reports […]

Written by on May 26, 2015

Woman Misdiagnosed 30 Years Ago Get a New Lease on Life

When your doctor tells you that you have any of a number of diseases that might be on your ‘worst case scenario’ list, you’re stunned to hear the news. After the initial shock, you have to figure out a different way to live, adjusting to life with whatever you’ve been diagnosed with. That’s what most […]

Written by on May 21, 2015

Twenty-Nine Car Accident Closes I-70 for Four Hours

There are many things that are uncontrollable when you are driving. The weather and other drivers are two of the biggest things that you have no control over. When the weather causes driving conditions to be unsafe, you can do everything you know how to avoid an accident, but sometimes, other drivers lose control or aren’t […]

Written by on May 19, 2015

When the Lines of Neglect Are Blurred

When you make the decision to let someone else care for your aging loved one, there are many things to consider. The reputation of the person or facility usually tops the list of things you look at before deciding which route to take. Often times, especially with those places with good reputations, neglect and abuse is not […]

Written by on May 14, 2015

Should Cameras Be Allowed in Nursing Homes?

As our loved ones age, making the decision to care for them at home or put them in a nursing home or other assisted living facility can be a long and difficult process. There are a lot of factors to consider, especially with the rising risk of nursing home abuse. Nursing homes are increasingly understaffed and […]

Written by on May 12, 2015

Children Taken to Hospital after School Bus Accident

Thousands of children are put on school buses every school day, their parents trustingly putting them into the capable hands of the many trained school bus drivers on the road. While most bus trips to school occur without a hitch, sometimes, accidents happen, endangering the lives of our most precious cargo. This is what happened in Belleville. […]

Written by on May 7, 2015

E-cigs: How Do They Affect Your Teen?

If you are the parent of a teenager, it can be difficult to keep up with everything they do or want to do as they often want to follow the lead of their peers. There are a lot of temptations for them in this world and some things are very clearly good or bad. Some […]

Written by on May 5, 2015