Month: February 2014

Kirkwood Man Dies After Hit And Run Accident

A fifty-year-old Kirkwood man has died after being the victim of a hit and run car accident this week. The Kirkwood Police Department were on the scene, where the man was found lying in the road, unresponsive. He was taken to an area hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, according to an article on […]

Written by on February 27, 2014

Snowy, Icy Conditions Add To The Number Of Slips And Falls

It’s been a bitter, cold winter here in St. Louis. We’ve been hit with quite a few snow storms, and the cold temperatures we’ve experienced haven’t exactly allowed much of it to melt. In fact, during the day when the sun warms up a little bit more, it’s common for the snow to melt just […]

Written by on February 25, 2014

Slipped And Landed In The Hospital, What To Do?

If you’ve had a slip and fall accident that ended with you being in the hospital, you might be wondering what steps you should take to ensure that you’re compensated for your injuries, as well as for your medical bills. As your St. Louis slip and fall injury attorney, we feel that it’s important for us to […]

Written by on February 20, 2014

Railroad Worker Awarded Large Sum After Multiple Surgeries By Jefferson County Jury

A jury in Jefferson County deliberated for about two hours over the case of a man from Jackson, Missouri who suffered a tragic accident that resulted in the amputation of his right leg. According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, The accident occurred when the fifty-one-year-old railroad worker was directing trains during his […]

Written by on February 13, 2014

What Are Your Rights After Being Injured On The Job?

Even the most careful employee might suffer an injury on the job at some point. These injuries can range from minor to dreadfully debilitating. If you’ve been injured at work, it’s important to know the steps to take to get compensated. A qualified St. Louis workman’s comp attorney will fight for you to get you what you deserve. […]

Written by on February 11, 2014

When Should You Contact An Attorney After A Car Accident?

When you’re in a car accident, your mind is spinning. Even if you’re not badly injured, it can be a confusing and devastating time, leaving you wondering what steps you should take to ensure that all of the legalities are being taken care of. As your St. Louis personal injury attorney, it’s our job to […]

Written by on February 6, 2014

Should You Accept The Insurance Settlement?

As your St. Louis attorney, we’ve worked with many clients over the years, and we understand how insurance companies operate after an accident has taken place. If you or someone you love has been in an accident recently, you might be a little bit confused about how you should proceed. The Settlement In our experience, […]

Written by on February 4, 2014