Month: November 2014

More Accidents Being Caused by Sleep Deprived Driving

Eight children and two adults from Chicago were injured in a car crash that occurred Sunday, November 2 at approximately 7:32 a.m. in Monroe County. Two children were seriously injured. Martell Kaywood, 5-years old, was flown to a St. Louis hospital. A fatal crash on November 5 was also due to sleep deprived driving. Donald […]

Written by on November 27, 2014

Seven-Month-Old Infant Dies at Local Daycare Center

The parents of seven-month-old Owen Haber are grief-stricken since the death of their son, who was found not breathing in a crib at a Webster Grover daycare center. He was rushed to the hospital, where he passed away the following day. The cause of death was said to be SIDS, which claims far too many […]

Written by on November 25, 2014

Jury Awards $97 Million in Wrongful Death of Small Town Mayor

The family of Bert Reeves, a former South Carolina mayor who was shot to death by a police officer in his town, has finally found justice. In a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer and the municipality, a jury awarded a total of $97.5 million to the family. The damages include $7.5 million in actual […]

Written by on November 20, 2014

St. Louis Cardinals Rookie Outfielder Dies in Car Accident

A spirit of sadness hangs over St. Louis as the city mourns the loss of rookie outfielder Oscar Tavaras. According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, Tavaras was in the Dominican Republic when the accident occurred. According to the official reports regarding the accident, Tavaras was with his girlfriend near his hometown […]

Written by on November 18, 2014

Two Die After 911 Dispatcher Sends Responders to Wrong Address

Jessica Thompson, a twenty-five-year-old mother of one son, and Tony Jordon, a 32-year-old father of six children, were killed by Adrian Houston at about 1:30 a.m. on July 9, 2014. According to a witness, police officers arrived two minutes later. The police had been sent to another district about a block away and to an […]

Written by on November 13, 2014

Police Searching for Suspects in Deadly North St. Louis Hit-and-Run

Hit-and-run accidents have a significant impact beyond the injuries and vehicle damage left behind. The idea that other human beings would callously walk away after causing a car accident leaves everyone in the community shocked and dismayed. Fortunately, An early morning car crash on MLK Drive in North St. Louis recently resulted in the worst case scenario: […]

Written by on November 11, 2014

Nurse Injects Wrong Medication Instead of Flu Shot

Flu shots may not be the most pleasant experience in life, but you should feel good about taking care of your health and protecting the people around you during flu season. The last thing you want to worry about is whether the person administering the shot will do his or her job correctly. Imagine a […]

Written by on November 6, 2014

Charges Filed against Sunset Hills Mayor for Cyclist Crash

No matter how you feel about sharing the road, you probably wouldn’t intentionally cause a bicycle accident using your motor vehicle. That’s what Sunset Hills, Mo. mayor Mark Furrer allegedly did this past July, and multiple charges have been filed. On July 29, Sunset Hills mayor Mark Furrer had a dangerous encounter on Old Gravois Road […]

Written by on November 4, 2014