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What to Know and Do After You Have Been Attacked by a Dog

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, not only are you experiencing significant pain, but you may have grounds for a lawsuit. So many people in Missouri don't realize that they have legal rights and may be able to be compensated for their pain, lost wages, medical bills and more.  But, getting […]

Written by on September 26, 2019

Personal Injury Law vs. Workers’ Compensation Law: The Finding of Fault

People often fail to recognize the difference between workers' compensation cases and personal injury cases. They are not the same at all, and the reason is that one requires proof of fault and the other does not. Let's take a moment and dig into this a little more deeply.  Personal Injury Law When a person files […]

Written by on July 2, 2019

Thinking About a Personal Injury Lawsuit? What to Know to Get Started

Accidents happen all the time in St. Louis. There are car accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, slips and falls, and a myriad of others. The best thing to do if you're a victim is to file a personal injury lawsuit. But what does that entail, and how do you even get started? This is information […]

Written by on April 11, 2019

A Personal Injury Lawsuit Can Be More Than Just a Claim of Negligence

A lot of people assume that negligence that results in some type of injury is the only way someone can have a valid personal injury claim. According to the American Bar Association, that is not always the case. If you have recently been injured in an accident, it’s important for you to understand what they […]

Written by on February 7, 2019